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    What is the role of Hindu Caste system in Indian Hindus’ Marriages?? I have an Indian friend and he is very hateful when speaking about Indian Hindu women of a higher caste than him.

    An Indian schoolgirl at my school once told me she accepted being hit by her fiance because
    he was of a higher caste than her.

    I was wondering what role the caste system plays in the marriage and the arranging of the marriage?

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    What he said is not true now. India is declared a secular country. But the mindset of people did not change to the changing circumstances. This is due to the educated brutes who are leading this country and illiterate fools who tries to live for a day without worrying about anything happening in the world.

    May be tour friend is  from a middle class family. Hindu religion never preached intolerance to other religions, conservatism or separatism. But countless castes and different rituals made the life of many very vulnerable.

    Only City People to some extent had changer their view in Caste Marriages. But people in towns and villages are still very strict in Inter Caste Marriages.

    Upper Caste people will never accept their childrens inter caste marriage

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    In Urban middle-class India, 99% of all marriages are arranged marriages with in same caste. Inter caste marriages are never encouraged in India.

    Even in US and UK, 90% of upper caste Hindus will not marry a low caste Hindu. There parents will never accept Intercast Marriages.

    In the Hindu caste system, non-Hindus are also classified as low castes. Muslims,Christians,Buddhists are also low caste people according to OC’s in India.

    Higher caste women are prettier and dont like low caste men lusting after them in INDIA.

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    When Caste system made in India, People were divided according to their work and culture.

    But no one said that Marriages should be done between same caste people.

    But now India a Vaishya will marry Vaishya and a Brahmin should marry Brahmin.

    This culture should be changed. People in citieslike Hyderabad, Delhi, Bombay are changed little bit.

    Measures should be taken by the government to completely eradicate this Caste System in India.

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    Caste Marriages are hatred in India many years ago, It wont go soon easily.

    If she is her fiance means then he has every right to hit on her.Now a day’s she has every right to reject him if she doesnt likes him.

    Manu Dharma Sastra book clearly says about Indian Marriages and caste System in India.

    Since your question doesnt explain what you want to know in detail give extra info in next question.

    Hinduism has lots of cast each has their own set of rules and regulations so it is hard to discuss every thing.

    Each and every Caste has a predefined marriage system and rules. Every one will be proud about their own caste.

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    Doosri Radha (Krushnapriya) alias Baba Krushnananda

    All the writers above are wrong. The religious books of Sanatana Dharma prescribes the parameters of selection of a bride and lays down the procedure of marriage. The caste system is created by God. Gotra is an important consideration in marriage.

    King Shantanu did marry a lower caste girl called Satyavati. Bhishma, the son, had to take a vow that he will never marry. But a higher caste girl should not marry into a lower caste family. Our Dharma tells us that marriages are destined. So, there is no need to bother much about this.

    But, my advice to youngsters is, they should find out what God tells us about our way of life. This is important. India is secular by accident. Otherwise, India should have been a Hindu Rashtra. Secularism does not mean that one should ignore the scriptural injunctions  That will, no doubt, invite bad consequences and one has to suffer. HARI BOL!

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    Caste ? What is this ?

    Caste was identified as per their profession, and we are still following ?

    Now, even lower caste people are doctors…. so ?

    Well, lets all be human and treat every single human equally.

    I know its not easy to change the MINDSET, but lets start with US…. God bless…..

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    the caste system was the required tool of those olden days. it was an identity. people exploited the basic social cause for sake of self interest. it is not strange in India or else where where people are identified with profession.

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    Vasantkumar P

    Marriage is not just an arrangement to deliver kids.It is not  a legitimisation of living together between male and female.Marriage is a joining together of two families.It will strengthen both the parties and give a better deal for the next generation.We can only initiate with good intentions God should be willing and that is why we do poojas before the start of this ceremony.Marriage of Gaandharva method or any alternate method is  ok.The choice is your’s.Live the way you like……


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