Ekadashi Mahatmya, Download free Gujarati E-book on Significance of 24 Ekadasi vrat

Ekadashi Mahatmya is an free Gujarati e-book published and distributed by Shri Swamynarayan Mandir, Bhuj. This book consisting of 104 pages explains spiritual importance, significance, Ekadasi vrat katha, origin, and upvaas, and puja procedure of each and every i.e. 24 Ekadashi vrat.

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Download Free E-book on 24 Ekadashi vrat in Gujarati

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  1. Mahapurush says:

    ekadashi mahatmya the glories of ekadasi in gujarati

  2. Tarannum says:

    Ekadashi mahatmay book in hindi in pdf download

  3. Nachiketa says:

    shri satyanarayan katha in gujarati pdf free download