Diwali Milan – Diwali reunion of friends and relatives

The festival of Diwali (Deepavali) is the perfect time for reviving personal relationships and social ties. Hindus all over the world celebrate this festival of lights with great enthusiasm and joy by socializing and interacting with each other. These reunions are famous with the name of diwali milan.

In 2014, Diwali Milan is on October 23.

In diwali Milan, younger people express respect to their elders and latter show blessings upon them. A friendly and pleasant atmosphere is created in diwali Milan where every person exchange wishes, greetings, gifts with each other. Lots of delicacies including snacks and sweets are prepared and served on diwali Milan. People cherish the sweet memories of this festival by sweetening each other’s month with sumptuous eatables.

Few years back, diwali Milan was nothing but a formal affair of visiting family members, acquaintances for exchanging gifts and sweets. But now the concept of diwali Milan has taken a new shape of partying rather than just a family affair. Now enthralling parties are arranged some days prior to this festival. Party halls are booked several days before for diwali day.

If you area also planning to arrange diwali Milan for your friends, family members, relatives and business associates, then make sure you spend for the occasion wisely. When planning menu for dinners and lunches, select those food and beverages that can be categorized into general taste and preferences. Include 2 sweets items in your menu list. Include some diwali games such as card playing, musical chair etc so that every person can enjoy.

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