‘Bonalu Festival’ for Republic Day, Telangana Cultural Tableau

Bonalu for Republic Day Parade

Bonalu for Republic Day Parade

‘Bonalu Festival’ is the first culural tableau for Republic Day from Telangana state on 26 January 2015.

As per the press release of Telangana CMO…

The first Cultural Tableau of Telangana State is coming up at Rajpath, New Delhi on the eve of Republic Day Celebrations. 25 Artists are being perfectly trained for performing the ‘’Bonalu Festival” of Telangana State which is also the first state festival.

The Cultural Tableau is to be displayed in the 9th position in the Cultural Pageant, out of the 25 Tableau.

The full dressed rehearsal is on 23rd January 2015. It is a proud privilege for people of Telangana to showcase their culture before the representatives of 119 countries and Mr. Barack Obama , President of United States of America being the guest for the Republic Day celebrations, New Delhi. Sri. Chandravadan, Commissioner I&PR and Sri. V. Subhash, Coordinating officer, Telangana State, Republic Day Celebrations, New Delhi are overseeing.

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