Akshamalika Upanishad

The Akshamalika Upanishad is written in Sanskrit language and it is one among the Holy Upanishads, and the details about it were mentioned in the Vedas.

The Upanishad explains the importance of meditation and chanting of divine names of the deities and their mantras. The text asks us to realize the god by keeping him in our soul.

The writer of this holy Upanishad is believed to be Rishi Narada, and he has learned it from his father Lord Brahma.It has become popular since Vedic times, and ancient Vedic scholars had followed the principles of this Upanishad, and due to that they have attained salvation after their death.

This Akshamalika Upanishad was presented in the form of discourse between Lord Brahma and Lord Muruga.

Lord Muruga clarifies the doubts of Lord Brahma, and also tells about the meaning of the Pranava Mantra, “OM” to Lord Brahma. It is believed that Lord Muruga had also told the significance of this Upanishad to Rishi Agastya and also to other ancient sages.

The Akshamalika Upanishad is not only related to Shaiva tradition, but also related with Vaishnavas, and also related with Buddhists.

This holy Upanishad also tells about the secrets of creation, and this Upanishad must be read by using the Japamala consisting of beads, which is used for prayers.

The essence of the Akshamala Upanishad is as follows:

1. Everybody must worship the supreme deities such Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Vinayaga and Muruga, in order to get spiritual bliss.

2. By performing continuous meditation on the almighty, the sins committed in our past births would be wiped out.

3. A righteous person would reach the abode of the god.

4. The world is covered with full of illusions. You would be able to come out from that only through your constant bhakti on the god.

5. God is very much interested to lead us in the right path, but through our ignorance, we are avoiding him.

6. Realize that you cannot do anything in your life, without the grace of the god.

7. The entire universe including the earth, divine worlds, sun, moon and the stars like the Holy Dhurva and Ma Rohini are all created by the god.

8. Think about divine matters, converse about it with others, and read about it.

9. Consider yourself as the obedient servant of the god.


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