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    Jamuna Rani Ben

    Jivantika Mata who is also known as Jivati Mata is the goddess worshipped in Shravan maas in Gujarat. In some places of Maharashtra also Jivantika puja is celebrated.


    Swati kiran verma

    Jivantika Mata Vrat Katha – story of Jivantika maa vrat

    Jivantika Mata vrat katha

    There was a king, Sushil Sinh He had a queen, Sukeshiba. They had no issue. They got a midwife to steal a newly born Brahmin baby boy of Sunderben. They declared the baby boy as a prince and called him Priyavrat Sinh. The midwife informed Sunderben that she had delivered only a piece of dead flash. According to the advice of her husband, she started to observe Jivantika Vrata. The pleased Goddess Jivantika was there to protect the child named Priyavrat Sinh in the palace.

    Years passed, the prince grew up as an heir of the Kingdom. He became a King. To perform Shradha Ceremony (An homage to be paid to the departed soul by the son), he went to Gaya (The special place for the ceremony) he disguised himself a a layman, he happened to come to a village, There he decided to pass a night at a Baniya’s place. He fall asleep in the yard At midnight Shasthi Devi (Destiny) appeared and tried to enter in to the room when Goddess Jivantika stopped her. Goddess Jivantika was holding a trident “Trishul” and asked Shasthi “Where are you going?” A new baby boy has born in this home and I am going to write his fate. Shasthis replied Jivantika asked “What are you going to write?”
    “The child is to die, the next morning” “It won’t happen. I am an auspicious Goddess and wherever I dwell, there can not be anything inauspicious. So write a prolonged and happy life in his fate.

    The Goddess Shasthi Devi did so. The Banya’s child was alive in the morning. He had lost all his children on their sixth night. This child survived. so the Banya Couple was astonished and gave credit to the unknown guest. He took him as a great saint.

    On the next day Priyavatsinh was ready to leave the home. The Banya requested him to visit again his home, on the return journey. The king promised him and reached to Gayaji. There in Gaya, during the ritual at a proper time, two hands appeared to accept the homage. The king could not understand the reason. The Pandit’s of the village could not satisfy him, He started his return journey,

    Once again he came to the Banya’s home This time once again it was the sixth night of a newly born baby. The king was lying awake thinking about the miracle of two hands. At midnight the Goddess Shasthi Devi came. She saw the Goddess Jivantika at the King’s pillow side. The Goddess Jivantika asked “What are you going to write ?” The Goddess Shasthi said, “The boy is to die the next morning.” “I am an auspicious Goddess, there can not be any inauspicious in my presence, so write a prolonged life with peace and prosperity, health and happiness.” Said Jivantika..

    “How can I write such a life, according to the law of karma ? Last time, I honored your words, It will disturb the system of the World”

    “I am an auspicious Goddess and whenever and wherever I dwell there can not be any inauspicious thing. So it is my order to write as I wish.”

    “He has done nothing, but his mother observes my “Vrata” on Friday in the month of Shravan It is my favorite day and that is why I guard this man even when he is out of home. On that day his mother does not wear green and yellow clothes, and do not pass green and yellow arches. She does not cross even rice water. For the whole day she remembers me, whole heartedly For a single moment, she does not forget me, How can I forget her and her son ?”

    Priyvratasinh listened to this dialogue. The next morning the child was alive. He returned to his palace. He asked his queen mother, “Do you observe Goddess Jivantika Vrata ?” The mother replied negatively. The king developed a doubt. To find out his true mother he arranged a celebration in Shravan month on Friday. He ordered to wear yellow sarees to all the women of his Kingdom. All the women came except the Brahman woman. The king knew this and sent her a red Sari. She came in red. At once, he recognized his true mother and rushed towards her. The mother also recognized her long lost child.

    The queen confessed her sin. By the grace of Goddess Jivantika, the Brahman woman got back his son. People came to know about the name and fame of the Goddess Jivantika. All were happy and at last, got final dwellings at the lotus feet of Goddess Jivantika since then the name and fame of Goddess Jivantika has been prevailing on this earth

    This Vrat fulfills all auspicious desires. It destroys the miseries of the whole family. She protects children day and night. Those who worship her, with single mind can get their work done by her grace. She dwells near those who constantly chant. Her Manntra, “Om Shri Jivantikayai Namah” This Vrat can change even fate which is generally not possible. This Vrat can prolong life This Vrat brings new babies in the family. Her grace can bring up children merrily.

    The village people came to know about this Goddess. Having seen the pious power of Jivantika, other women also started to observe the Vrat.

    Oh ! Goddess Jivantika ! Be merciful to all. May you protect us. May you give our children happy and prosperous life. May you give us your Constant memory.


    Jigu sarang Roshni sarang Amit Sarang

    Pls my child in hospital.protect him pls.make him well & healthy.maa protect my both boys with your blessings.maa hu pyar aane shraddhi thi tamara shravan mahina shukrawar karish maa.mara jigu shaaro kari do maa.mara banne putra ni Raxa karo maa.hamesha tandurast rakho maa.laambu jivan Arshiwaad aapo maa.jai shree jivantikaye Namha.

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