Thiruva Rangattha Mudanar Thirunakshatram

Thiruva Rangattha Mudanar Thiru Nakshatram is observed in Meena Masam on Hasta Nakshatram (Hastham Nakshatra). It is also known as Thiruva Rangattha Mudanar Janma Nakshatrotsavam (Thiruva Rangattha Mudanar Thiruvaradhana). In 2014, Thiruva Rangattha Mudanar Thiru Nakshatram date is 14 April, Monday. It coincides with ‘Panguni Masam’ of Tamil calendar, ‘Chaitra Masam’ in Telugu and Kannada calendars.

Orthodox Superstitions in Hinduism

The world of thoughts is a subtle world. There is some effect of all this and there are simple ways to remove these effects. All this is based on vibrations. There are vibrations everywhere. The whole word is just vibrations. Every object is a vibration. So there may be some negative vibration that can come […]