Importance of Adhik Maas Purnima

According to the traditional Hindu lunar calendar, the full moon day is known as Poornima, or Purnima. It is to be remembered that Pournami is the full moon day in South India. Most of the Hindu communities, from morning to evening observe a fast on the day. In 2020, Adhik Maas Purnima date is October […]

Adhik Maas 2020 begins | Purushottam Maas – 18 September 2020 | Adhika Masam

In Hindu calendar 2020 (2020-2021), Adhik Maas (Purushottam Maas, Mal Maas, Adhika Masam), an extra month in Chandramana Panchangam (Lunar Calendars). Adhik Maas begins on 18 September and ends on 16 October as per North Indian Hindi calendars, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada & Telugu calendars. Why Adhik Month comes? A lunar year has 354 days while […]

Adhik Maas 2020 | Adhika Masam, Mala Maas, Purushottam Maas dates

In Hindu calendar 2020 (2020-2021), there is an Adhik Maas (Mala Maas, Adhika Masam). It is an extra month according to lunar calendar. 2020-2021 Hindu calendar Year is known as Sharvari Nama Samvatsara. ‘Ashwayuja Masam’ (Ashwin Month) comes twice in 2020, one is Adhika Ashwayuja Masam (Pratham Ashwin Maas) and the another one is Nija […]

Mal Maas 2018 begins, 16 May

Mal Maas 2018 begins on May 16 and ends on June 13 as per Purnimant Panchang (North Indian Hindi Calendar) and Amavasyant Panchang – Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada & Konkan calendars. Mal Maas is an extra month according to Chandramana Panchang of Hindu calendar.┬áIt is to note that Adhik Month is dedicated to Lord Krishna. […]