Harikatha (Harikatha Kaalakshepam)

Harikatha in simple terms means “Story of Lord” and itis also a form of regional discourses in which the storyteller used to narrate the incidents based on the life of a saint or a story from an Indian epic. The person telling the story through songs, music and using his facial gestures is called as […]

Vishaka Hari | Proponent of Harikatha (Katha Kalakshepam)

Smt. Vishaka Hari is a remarkable Carnatic music singer and a Hindu devotional story teller, otherwise known as ‘Katha kalakshepam’. She is an expert in telling Harikathas in such a way, that even a layman can understand her divine discourses on the Hindu Holy Texts, and she is a qualified chartered accountant. Vishaka Hari is […]