Rajarajeshwari, Goddess Rajarajeshwari Devi

Rajarajeshwari Devi

Rajarajeshwari is the presiding deity of Sri Chakra. Goddess Rajarajeshwari is one of the powerful forms of Goddess Shakti, the Mother Goddess. Rajarajeshwari blesses every sentient and insentient being with joy of living. She has every power of creating the universe and to destroy it. Those who worship Rajarajeshwari can see her divine and pleasant […]

Appearance, Iconography of Goddess Rajarajeshwari Devi

Appearance or iconography of Goddess Rajarajeshwari Devi is mentioned in many Puranas and scriptures. Rajarajeswari has four hands (Chaturbhuji) and three eyes (Trinetri). She holds the noose, the goad, sugarcane bow and five flowered arrows in her four hands. Three main aspects of the universe – Sun, Moon and fire – represent her three eyes. […]