History of Biraja Temple, Jajpur (Sthala Puranam)

Here is the history of Jajpur Biraja Temple (Sthala Puranam). No historical record is available about the pristine glory of the great mother goddess Biraja before the great epic the Mahābhārata was written. There is a reference to Virajāh-Tīrtha in the Vanaparva of the Mahābhārata in chapter 85. Moreover the said epic reiterates that the […]

Festivals at Jajpur Biraja Temple

Here is the list of Festivals at Jajpur Biraja Temple, Odisha. Triveni Amavasya, Dola Purnima, Mahavishuva Sankranti, Varuni Festival, Chandan Purnima, Savitri Amavasya, Chitlagi Amavasya, Vasant Navratri, Ashwin Navratri Durga Puja, etc,. are the biggest festivals celebrated at Biraja Maa Temple. Sakta-Tantric rituals are the basic principle behind all the festivals admitting the Brahmanical method of […]

Daily worship of Goddess Biraja

Daily worship of Goddess Biraja at Jajpur Biraja Maa Temple, Odisha. Goddess Biraja, the presiding deity of Jajpur has acquired celebrity as a great Shaktipeetha since time immemorial. Her daily rituals and methods of worship need to enumerate here in a nutshell. The great Goddess in worshipped both through Vedic and Tantric rites during her daily […]

Iconography of Goddess Biraja Mata

Iconography of Goddess Biraja Mata is very different from all other Shaktipeetha Goddesses. It is very interesting and unique. Goddess Biraja is a two armed Mahishasuramardinī image, the parallel of which is found nowhere in India. The Goddess holds a trident in right hand and lifts the tail of the theriomorphic form of the buffalo demon with her […]