Kalki Bhagvan | Last, Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu

Kalki, is the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu who will appear at the end of Kali Yuga. It is stated that Kaliyuga consists of 432000 years. Out of that, approximately 5400 years have been passed. Hence the remaining 426600 years are there for Kaliyuga to get completed. It is believed that Lord Kalki will appear […]

Dashavatara Moorthy | Lord Vishnu in Ten Incarnations

Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is also called as Dashavatara Moorthy, since he has taken various avatars to pacify the man kind, and the Dashavatara are the ten main avatars of Lord Vishnu, the protector god, and so far, Vishnu has taken nine out of ten avatars, and the remaining one would be taken only during the end […]

Vamana Avatar: Lord Vishnu’s Fifth incarnation


Lord Vishnu appeared before generous King Mahabali in the form Vamana, saying that he was a famished Brahmin and desired a piece of land. At this, the king generously obliged Vamana to have as much land as he wanted in his kingdom. Vamana made a witty retort by saying that he wanted land area covered by […]

Why Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana?

Bali vamana story

Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana or the ‘midget incarnation’ during the Thretha Yuga (The second leg of Manvantara) and before the occurrence of the great Ramayana. He incarnated during the time of Emperor Mahabali (also known as Maveli or Bali). This is the first incarnation of Lord Vishna in full human form. Present Kerala (a […]