Ayodhya Kanda Parayana in Tirumala Tirupati Temple

As part of its spiritual endeavour to protect humanity from pandemic Corona, TTD TTD is organising Ayodhyakanda parayanam Diksha seeking Srivari blessings from October 21-November 16 at the Vasantha Mandapams in Tirumala. Simultaneously the TTD is organising Shloka parayanam, Japam, Tarpana and Homas at Dharmagiri Veda vijnan peetham. TTD is organising Ankurarpanam fete for both […]

Ayodhya Kanda | Ayodhya Kandam in Ramayana

Few years after the completion of marriage ceremony of Rama and Sita, the Ayodhya King Dasaratha, had consulted with his ministers and his Guru Vasishta about the coronation ceremony of Rama. But before the day of coronation, the maid of Kaikeyi, Manthara, who was an hunch back, had spoiled the mind the Kaikeyi, and told […]