What did Sri Sri Ravishankar’s parents think when he took up spirituality at such a young age?

Oh! You want to hear about it? When I first came home, I had a beard. You should ask me why I grew a beard? I was in Delhi, at Beach Arbhatta, opposite to Kamal Theatre, teaching meditation there.

People would come, because they had heard that Gurudev was going to teach meditation. They would see me; no beard, a young boy of 19 years old or 20 years old and they would ask me, ‘Where is Gurudev?’

I would say, ‘I am Gurudev!’

When they would see me and they would go away. So I lost half my students; many were professors, elders, some were from Delhi University.

I thought I looked too young, too much boyish and I should grow a little beard. So I grew a beard. And then they thought that I am in a Guru’s uniform.

When I went back home with a beard, my mother was so upset! She told my sister, ‘Ask him to take off that beard!’
My sister said, ‘Don’t tell him anything. He will go away; he has come for a few days.’

My mother was not very happy with me growing a beard. Somehow I cajoled her, counseled her. I told her that this is a uniform! Without this uniform, people think I am a small boy. They are not learning anything from me, not taking my words seriously. That is the story.

Of course, she also loved everything else I did; later, she got used to the beard.

Note: It is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourse during Satsang of Art of Living.

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  1. DOOSRI RADHA says:

    OMG! Here is confessions of a Kaliyugi Gurudev! Ravi has confessed that he is not spiritual. Had he been one, he would have remembered God at least once in this narration of his beard. It is full of doership (kartapan ka abhiman). He asserts that he was trying to please the worldly people who came to him. A spiritual person looks only at God and his soul effort is to please (rijhana) the God. Today’s so called Gurus are busy overtime to please the worldly beings, the Samsara. This is the real disease. Ravi was behaving like a worldly man, not spiritual. His worldly behaviour was also faulty. Because, he defied his mother’s command to remove the beard. For a son, a word from the mouth of father or mother is a command to be immediately obeyed. If not done, it shall result in a sin with consequential fruit of action (karma phala). Ravi contues to wear the beard, probably in the same spirit! Deception for self and others will lead to hell, not God. Everybody, be careful. HARI BOL!