Vermicelli in TTD’s Annaprasadam Menu

Vermicelli in TTD’s Annaprasadam Menu.. Vermicelli has been added to the menu of TTD’s massive program of Anna Prasadam and the devotees in queue lines and compartments of VQC are provided a snack of Vermicelli during this Brahmotsavams in place of regular Upma etc.

Speaking to newsmen at Media center, the DEO (Annadanam) Sri Venugopal said that Sri Vekateswara Annaprasadam is unique among services being run by TTD ‘Annam Para Brahma Swarupam’ Every onecoming

We have made adequate arrangements to provide anna prasadams to even devotees coming by foot path besides provision of milk and snacks to devotees all over Tirumala.” In the galleries of Four Mada streets we will position teams with trollies to supply butter milk, milk, snacks and also packets “, he said

At the Tarigonda Vengamamba Annadanam Complex, arrangements are made to keep all four dining halls clean and ready for use at any hour to ensure that devotees are not kept waiting . ‘ We have set a record of serving over 1.3 lakh persons and we hope we can meet such challenges again and again ” he said .

Catering Officer Sri Sastry, PRO Dr T Ravi, APRO Kum Neelima were also present.

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