Vedas are said to be of non-human origin. What does that mean?

Gurudev, Vedas are said to be of non-human origin. What does that mean?

Vedas are simply downloaded information. The Rishis went into deep meditation and what they saw and heard they started sharing. There is a beautiful story that I would like to share with you — Vedavyasa went to the creator and asked him to please give him knowledge.

The creator pointed to a shining mountain and said, “That is knowledge, whatever you can grab you can take”. So what he could grab with his hands, that is what the Vedas are today.

More than one thousand saints went into deep meditation and whatever they cognized are the Vedas. Ayurveda has a similar story. There were 88,000 saints gathered in a place. They wanted to bring health to the society and so they all gathered to meditate. They needed someone to write down what they cognized and so one of the Rishis, Rishi Bharatwaja volunteered to not meditate and write down what the other saints downloaded while meditating.

Today, it is a perfect science – which herb will affect what part of the body. It is a material medica of an entire species not just human beings. It is amazing. The more you go into it, the more you will find the knowledge amazing.

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s Satsang at Art of Living.

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