Vedas are Eternal Book of Knowledge

Vedas are Eternal Book of Knowledge…Vedas are the store house of Indian Wisdom and eternal book of knowledge without beginning and end, advocated Prof.KE Devanathan, the Vice-Chancellor of TTD-run Sri Venkateswara Vedic University (SVVU).

In his inaugural address on 54th Akhila Bharatha Shastriya Spartha at Mahati Auditorium in Tirupati on Wednesday he said, Vedas has given Indian culture the rich ideas associated with the concept of spirituality. “Our spiritual texts, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavatha scriptures are immortal encyclopaedia for leading a righteous way of life. The vedic has taught the world the values of human living, spirit of brotherhood”, he asserted.

Rastriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth (RSVP) VC Prof Harekrishna Satapathi complimented TTD for its efforts in propagating, promoting and preserving the ancient divine texts for the future generations.

Later Rastriya Samskrita Samsthan, New Delhi Vyakarana Acharya Sri Lalithkumar Tripathi, Sri K Ramasuryanarayanamurthy also spoke on this occasion. The representatives of Akshardham Trust of New Delhi have donated two gold bars to organise Salaka Competitions on this occasion.


The Yoga performance by the students of SVVU impressed the audience. The vedic students performed Surya Namaskarams, Sarvangasana, Rajakapota, Vrishika, Purna Salabha, Parvata, Vajrasana and different mudras including the logo of SVVU which won the accolades from specatators.

SVVU Registrar Sri GSR Krishnamurthy, Co-ordinator Sri Umesh Bhat, PRO Sri Brahmacharyulu, over 500 students from across the various vedic institutions were also present.

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