Unknown Light appeared at Venkateshwara Swamy on Garuda Seva day

Unknown Light appeared at Venkateshwara Swamy on Garuda Seva day – 20 September 2015, Sunday. Miraculously an unknown light appeared suddenly on Sri Venkateshwara Swamy during Garuda Seva on 20 September 2015.

According to Sri Ramana Deekshithulu, Pradana Archaka of TTD, the light appeared going into Sri Malayappa Swamy, the Utsavamurthi for Lord Venkateshwara.

It is a sea of humans at Tirumala this afternoon as thousands of devotees congregating for the most picturous,colorful and auspicious event of the ongoing Salakatla Brahmotsavam.

Garuda Vahana Seva is considered to be the most important and prominent one among the vahana sevas in Sri Vaishnavaite temples.The procession of Lord Malayappa Swamy adorned with dazzling jewels and in bright silk vastrams,seated on Garuda Seva was a feast for devotees.

Garuda or the Eagle is the favorite vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Besides being the daily transport, Garuda also occupied the top slot in the Dwajam that heralded the commencement of the Brahmotsavam As the Key watcher of happenings around Lord Vishnu,Garuda also supervised the entire Srivari Brahmotsavam,say the legends.Garuda Seva well known and prominently practiced in108 countries in the Indian and South Asian countries and even widely watched with great revered in the countries like Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Tulasi Malas from Srivalliputtur and the Umbrellas from Chennai were also presented for special decorations of the Utsava Idols on the occasion.

Miracle light rays at TTD Brahmotsavam

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