Time of Chandra Grahan in June 2010 – Lunar Eclipse 26 June 2010

Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010, will be visible in Pacific and Eastern Australia regions. This is the second eclipse of 2010 and the first lunar eclipse in the year. This Chandra Grahan will also be visible in South America and Eastern Asia. It will not be visible in Canada and New England. Hawaii, Western Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, East Malaysia and some other parts of Asia are the best places to watch the lunar eclipse on June 26, 2010.

In India, this Chandra Grahan will begin at 3:47 pm and end at 6:30 in the evening. Grahan Madhya kaal will be 5:08 pm. 2010 June 26th Chandra Grahan will be the Rahugrastha Chandra Grahan. It will be visible in some parts of West Bengal where Chandrodayam takes place at 6:29 pm.

The penumbral lunar eclipse begins at 08:57:21 Universal Time (UT) and ends at 14:19:34 UT. The partial lunar eclipse starts at 10:16:57 Universal Time and ends at 12:59:50 UT. The greatest eclipse takes place at 11:38:27 UT.

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