Teachings of Bhagwan Gopinathji (ardent devotee of Lord Shiva)

Bhagwan Gopinath was a saint of the early twentieth century. He was born in the beginning of August in 1898. Considered as a mystic saint from Kashmir, he was called Aghoreshwar by the saints of his time.He used to meditate at different shrines in Kashmir, as he considered it to be spiritually enhancing also it gave him peace of mind. He advised his devotees to do the same so that they could get spiritual benefits. During the mid of twentieth century he was called as Bhagwan by his devotees.

Nobody knew of the whereabouts of the teacher of Bhagwan Gopinathji, but he considered the sacred Bhagwad Gita as his spiritual master. His teachings were also inspired by the Gita. In his teachings he preached that enquiring about yourself helped you in realising what you actually do, it helps you to seek self-realisation. He said that when you ask yourself questions you get to know what you actually want, which helps you in distinguishing between your need and your greed. He preached that lust and ego were the biggest hurdles in the progress of a human being, since these things restrict the outlook of a person thereby making him selfish.

He propagated the values of honesty and truth amongst his devotees. He was liberal enough not to distinguish between the different religions. He considered all the people to be the same which differentiated him as a jivanmukta or the liberated soul. He meditated to get spiritual happiness and the state which he attained was called as the state of Lord Shiva.

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