Is it compulsory to Take bath prior to Temple Visit

Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple

Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple

Yes. It is a must to take bath during the time of our visit to temples and Holy Mutts, since strict cleanliness must be observed, while worshipping the deities in the temples. Likewise, females during the period of their menstrual cycle, must not visit temples, since it is considered as a bad act to visit the temples with their unclean body. But, however, female temple staffs do not come under these criteria, since most of the female staffs who works in the temples, are working hard, in order to earn something for their daily bread and butter.

If we read the ancient Puranas, we could clearly understand about the strict observance of purity. It is also mentioned in the Puranas, that those who visit temples without taking bath, would fall in the sick bed for several days, and till they seek forgiveness to the great almighty for their bad act, they would never get relieved from their sickness.

But nowadays, nobody cares about that! Some youngsters used to apply good perfumes on their body, and they visit boldly to the temples. If someone asks about it, they would arrogantly reply, “No one can question me, about my cleanliness. I have got full freedom to do anything on my own, and even god cannot question me about my purity”.

Those types of people cannot be corrected by anyone, and they could not be corrected even by the god! They must be aware of that, that for our each and every action, there would be a proper reaction also, and this was also proved scientifically!

Some of the newly wedded couples also used to visit the temples even without taking bath! Some of them even used to tell, “Just now we have enjoyed physical pleasures, now we want to taste some spiritual pleasure also, and according to us, there is no harm in that, since both of our acts are related to pleasures only, and we do not want to differentiate between spiritual and physical pleasures, since both of the pleasures gives great pleasantness to our mind and body”.

Since we have a tongue, we can speak anything as we please, but, we should also realise, that all of our acts are being clearly observed by the god or by his divine attendants. Those who talk as if they like, after their death, must have to face severe consequences for their bad acts, and they are also subject to rigorous punishment in the hell, also known as Yama Loka!


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  1. R.K.Bheri says:

    have you forgotten about “Dhooli darshan of God”