Art and Architecture of Ancient Temples

Art occupies a major role in Hindu temples. We can find variety of paintings of the deities in various temples. Art and Architecture are very essential for building a temple successfully. Ancient sculptors and builders would take a long time to build a Hindu temple. Before building the temple, they would worship the first god […]

Structural Temples: Early Chalukyan Style of Temple Architecture

Structural temples style was the architectural style followed by Early Chalukyan kings. Alampur Temples are the best examples for this type of architecture. The Kakatiya dynasty temples are also considered as Early Chalukyan style of architecture. Alampur (near Kurnool)   Hindu temples in Alampur reflect the style of Papanath at Pattadhakal, because of their Indo Aryan […]

Architecture of the Vijayanagara Kings

Early Vijayanagara style had considerable influence of Chola style of Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. But the scale was much bigger and the Vijayanagara architects developed a scheme of a large temple complex with several concentric walls entered through gopuras leading to multiple shrines, tanks, stores, kitchens and other ancillary structures. The gateways had tall brick towers. The […]

Rock Cut Temples (Temple Architecture)

Rock cut Hindu Temples in Andhra Pradesh were majorly built by Kondavidu chiefs. Bhairavakonda Temple near Nellore and Undavalli Temple near Vijayawada which were built in 7th – 8th century are best examples for rock-cut temples. Bhairavakonda, (near Nellore)     In the 7th –8th Centuries AD, Kondavidu chiefs ruled over a large part of eastern Deccan. Bhairavakonda near […]