Surya Grahan Timings, 3 November 2013 (Time of Surya Grahanam)

Surya Grahan Timings, 3 November 2013 – Time of Surya Grahanam on 3rd November 2013 are given here. The total Grahan Kaal of this Surya Grahan is about 5 hours and 24 minutes (324 minutes).

The Grahan Kaal of the maximum eclipse would be 1 minute and 40 seconds i.e. 100 seconds.

This Kankanakara Surya Grahanam begins in the morning on 3rd November and ends in the evening as per UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Detailed timings of Surya Grahan on 3rd November 2013

Pakshika Surya Grahan begins at 10.04 UTC (Grahan Sparsha Kaal)

Sampurna Surya Grahan begins at 11.05 UTC

Greatest Solar eclipse at 12.47 UTC (Grahan Madhya kaal)

Sampurna Surya Grahan ends at 14.27 UTC

Pakshika Surya Grahan ends at 15.29 UTC (Grahan Antya Kaal)

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