Student activism in politics in Indian Society, Opinion of Sri Sri Ravishankar

Student activism in politics in Indian Society, Opinion of Sri Sri Ravishankar…

Students are the future of the society, and they should start owning this planet. I would just ask of them one thing – please do not sacrifice your studies for politics. Give utmost priority to your studies.

Those of you who are interested in politics, it is a good thing because all the student movements that have happened in the world have had a great vision, and they wanted to do something good for society. They want to fight injustice. Just one thing you must keep in mind is – don’t have any prejudice. If the youth have prejudice, it is a sad thing. The youth should have an open mind. Don’t put your mind into categories – have an open mind and be open to logic and reasoning.

Bias and prejudice are the greatest enemies for logic and reasoning. If we lose reasoning, we have lost everything in life. So reasoning and logic is essential, and along with it – an open mind.

Sometimes, values like patriotism which are essential in life, get associated with one particular ideology. When you identify yourself with one particular ideology, then you become so blind that you don’t want to even look at any other new ideas or other ways. So students should be free from any sort of bias or judgements and have an open mind. There is nothing wrong in student activism but should follow reasoning.

Note: Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s satsang at Art of Living.

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