Story of Thilatharpanapuri Temple (Sethalapathy) in Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu

Here is the story of Thilatharpanapuri Temple (Sethalapathy) in Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu. There are temples dedicated to Muktheeswarar (Shiva), Swarnavalli, and Adhi Vinayagar.

The temple history goes back many hundred years ago with a king called Dev varman who followed all the procedures laid done for the ruler. The king donated many lands to temples and once he hander over his throne to his son and left for forest with his wife to perform thavam to reach god, Finally he dies so his wife. His son performs the final rites for his father and mother as per the law established.

As per advice of Sage Naradha he begins his journey with the blessings of guru along with the pinda and theertam in which place his forefather’s come directly to take this offering they will attain Mukthi sage Naradha told Narjothi. Thus he begins his journey in ancient holy places in which he performed the rituals and finally reaches the sethalapathy village. Here he performed all the rituals with custom like taking a dip in the holy theertam with a help of Kalava rishi and give offerings to people as per the tradition of Hindus. He daily performed the rituals and on Amavasya day he took baths in river Arasalar and all holy theerthams and worshipped the lord and in the mid afternoon he performed the Dharpanam for his father. After this he saw a miracle around him with forefathers get the offerings directly. They blessed him with many good things and left the place. From then the place is called Thilatharpanapuri now known as Sethalapathy.

There is belief that who sees the theertham and take a baths at the theertham during the Tamil month of Marghazhi with chanting of Brahma Mandram will attain a swarga logam. This is the main story related the place and who ever doing the same rituals and perform customs for those who died they will definitely attain Swarga logam. This is the firm belief and many people from the state come to the place to perform the rituals for their forefathers.

Why to write about temples? Why giving more importance for writing on temples?

The answer will be simple. A proverb in Tamil says that don’t live in place where there is no temple. To add this point our people has built many temples with help of kings and those with wealthy have donated lands to temples and built the temples. A temple built work by group of people called consecration of a temple will undone all the sins committed by him and his family .

Those who contribute with material and by working in the construction activity will also get the same. The temples when we visit will definitely give peace of mind, listening to god, participating in singing of lord’s bhajan will improve one mind. That’s why it is a tradition for people to visit temples so that they get relief and peace of mind. This is scientifically proved also.

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  1. Shreeharsh says:

    how to reach seathalapathey temple in tamil nadu

  2. keerthana says:

    we need a route map and images


    are boarding and lodging facilities avaialble and priest for doing the tharpanam. i want to stay for 16 days to do mahalayam tharpanam