Sri Khara nama Samvatsara 2011-2012 Navanayaka Phala

Sri Khara nama samvatsara (2011-2012) Hindu year starts on Chaitra Pratipada (first day in Chaitra month). Ugadi or Gudi Padwa (4 April 2011) marks the beginning of new Hindu year. The navanayaka phala are the results of planetary positions during the year. Each planet of Navagraha provides different result. Chandra (Moon) is the King and Guru (Jupiter) is Minister in Khara nama samvatsaram as per Chandramana. As per Sauramana, Guru is the King and Budha is the Minister. Here are the navanayaka phala of Kharanama samvatsara.

Navanayaka Phala in Kharanama Samvatsara (2011-2012)

  • King – Chandra
  • Minister – guru
  • Senadhipati – budha
  • Sasyadhipati – ravi
  • Arghadhipati – budha
  • Dhanyadhipati – shukra
  • Meghadhipati –Budha
  • Nirasadhipati – shani
  • Rasadhipati – mangala

King – Chandra – phala

Chandra as King gives farming community and cattle some good results. Cows would give plenty of milk. Kings will respect Brahmins. There will be no shortage of water or pulses.

Minister – Guru – phala

Guru or Brihaspati as Minister pours good rain. Abundance of grains. The wealth of kings or government treasury will increase. There will be abundance in produce from land.

Senadhipati – budha – phala

Loss to crops due to gales and less rain. People will afflict by Kaama.

Purva sasyadhipati – ravi – phala

Kings would be interested in war. Shortage of milk in cows. Scanty rainfall. Natural calamities. Loss to chana and other pulses. Fear of diseases.

Apara sasyadhipati – ravi – phala

There will be shortage of pulses and water. Kings would be interested in war. Fear of diseases.

Madhya dhanyadhipati – shukra – phala

Production of black-pepper, moong and mustard seed would be sufficient.

Arghadhipati – budha – phala

Plenty of rain and crops. People of black-magic have an upper hand.

Meghadhipati – budha – phala

Fear of diseases to kings. Good time for poets, literates, and writers. Plenty of rain and crops.

Rajadhipati- mangala – phala

Scarcity of jaggery, ghee, oil, pearls, ruby, gold etc. Abundance of water, honey and flowers.

Nirasadhipati – shani – phala

Price of wood, iron, zinc and other minerals would rise.

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    Very nice presentation of panchanga sravanam. Kindly extend your guidance for individual horo readings. I will be glad to learn from your goodself.