Special Trains for Maihar Navratri Mela in April 2011

To clear the extra rush of passengers, Indian Railways will run two special trains for Maihar Navratri Mela from 4 April to 12 April 2011 between Allahabad and Maihar; Katni and Manikpur. Maihar Sharda Temple is one of the famous Devi mandirs in Madhya Pradesh. Navratri Mela is held during Chaitra Navratri (Vasant Navratri) in April this year. Indian Railways also gave green signal to other trains to stop for 2 minutes at the Maihar station. Details of two special trains for Maihar Navratri Mela..

Train number 04117/04118 will leave Allahabad at 10:35 am and arrive at Naini at 10:55 am, Jasra at 11:27 am, Shankargarh at 11:47 am, Bargarh at 12:05 am, Dabhoura at 12:22 pm, Manikpur at 12:53 pm, Majhgaon at 1:25 pm, Jaitwar at 1:43 pm, Satna at 2;10 pm and finally terminate Maihar 2:50 pm.

In return journey, the train will start from Maihar at 3:15 pm and arrive at Satna at 3:45 pm, Jaitwar at 4;28 pm, Majhgaon at 5:05 pm, Manikpur at 5:40 pm, Dabhoura at 6:03 pm, Bargarh at 6:21 pm, Shankargarh at 6:40 pm, Jasra at 7:01 pm, Naini at 7:27 pm and finally terminate at Maihar station at 7:45 pm. This train will have 10 general coaches and would be plied from April 4 to 18.

The special train between Katni and Manikpur will leave Katni at 12:00 noon and arrive at Amdara at 12;33 pm, Maihar at 12:58 pm, Ancheree at 1;18 pm, Satna at 1;40 pm, Jaitwar at 2;20 pm, Chithara at 2:35 pm, Majhgaon at 2;45 pm, Markundi at 3:08 and finally terminate at Manikpur at 3:30 pm.

In return journey, the train will leave Manikpur at 3;50 pm and arrive at Markundi at 4:03 pm, Majhgaon at 4;22 pm, Chithara at 4:32 pm, Jaitwar at 4:50 pm, Satna at 5:20 pm, Anchere at 5:48 pm, Maihar at 6:02 pm, Amdara at 6:33 pm, Jhukehi at 6:53 pm and finally terminate at Katni at 7:20 pm.

In addition to these special trains, many trains have been given stoppages for about two minutes at the Maihar station from April 4 to 18. These trains include Pune-Maduadih Express, Pune-Darbhanga Express, Chatrapati Shivaji terminus-Dhanbad Express, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)-Gorkahpur Express, LTT-Chhapra Express, LTT-Faizabad Express, Bangalore-Patna Express, LTT-Bhagalpur Express, Chennai -Chhapra Express, Secundrabad-Patna Express, LTT-Varanasi Express, LTT-Raxaul Express, LTT-Guwahati Express, Eranakulum-Patna Express, LTT-Ranchi Express, Surat-Bhagalpur Express and Bandra Terminus-Patna Express.

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