Somaskandamurthy on Nandi Vahanam (Kapila Theertham Brahmotsavam)

Somaskandamurthy on Nandi Vahanam on 17 February 2015.. On the auspicious occasion of Mahasivarathri on Tuesday, the Lord Somaskandamurthy took celestial ride on the elegant and majestic Nandi VAHANAM as a part of the ongoing Brahmotsavams of Sri KT in Tirupati.

The procession started along the four mada streets from 6pm and lasted upto 10pm. Meanwhile Nandi happens to be Lord Shiva’s primary and favourite vehicle and is also the principal gana (follower) of Lord Shiva.

The Puranas says the close association of Shiva and Nandi such that the presence of a statue of Nandi at the gate of many temples dedicated to Shiva. In Sanskrit, a bull is called vrisha, which has another connotation — that of righteousness or Dharma. Hence It is important to seek the blessings of Nandi before proceeding to worship Lord Shiva.

Some Puranas mention that Nandi lead the Shiva Ganas, Shiva’s attendants and he is the chief commando of the army of Lord Shiva like Viswaksena to Lord Maha Vishnu.

From the yogic perspective, Nandi is the mind dedicated to Lord Siva, the Absolute. In other words, to understand and absorb Light, the ‘experience and the wisdom’ is Nandi which is the Guru within. Spiritually, Nandi represents an individual jiva (soul) and the message that the jiva should always be focused on the Atman (Paramatman), that is Lord Shiva.

So people strongly believe that having a glimpse of Lord Shiva on Nandi Vahanam will give salvation.

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