Solar Eclipse in Bahrain and Qatar in January 2011 – Surya Grahan Time in Doha and Al Manamah

Solar Eclipse on 4 January 2011 is a partial eclipse visible in Bahrain, Qatar, and other Gulf countries and Middle East nations like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Iran, and Iraq. Here you can know the time or timing of Solar eclipse in Doha (Qatar) and Al Manamah (Bahrain) on 4th January 2011 where you can see most of the eclipse clearly. The time given here is GMT or UT (Greenwich Mean Time), you can calculate your country’s time according to your time zone.

Solar Eclipse in Bahrain (Al Manamah):

Partial Eclipse begins – 07.50 am

Maximum eclipse or Mid eclipse – 09.13 am

Partial Eclipse ends – 10.31 am

Solar Eclipse in Qatar (Doha):

Partial Eclipse begins – 07.54 am

Maximum eclipse or Mid eclipse – 09.14 am

Partial Eclipse ends – 10.30 am

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