Bhakta Siriyala | great devotee of Lord Shiva

Few thousands of years ago, there lived an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva in a village in South India, and his name was Siriyala. From his younger age itself, he used to perform puja in the Shiva temples, and would observe fasting during Shivaratri, and also studied well. At his teenage he got married with a pious lady, and her name was Changala Devi. She was a dutiful wife, and served her husband in a proper manner. The couples were very much devoted with Lord Shiva, and used to perform pujas at their house.

In course of time, they had no child, and began to pray to Lord Shiva, and after some time, their prayers were answered, and Changala Devi gave birth to a beautiful child and was named as Chilala. The young boy was very much devoted with the god at his younger age itself, similar to his father Siriyala. The couples were delighted on seeing their brilliant child, and began to perform food offering to a minimum of 100 Shiva Devotees daily at their house.

One day, to their surprise, no one was arrived to have their food. The entire family began to starve without food, since they got the habit of having food, only after feeding to the Shiva Devotees.

The next day, two Shiva devotees were arrived, and the couples were very much delighted. They demanded the couple not to offer the normal food, but to offer a young boy’s flesh as food for them. The couples were very much worried, and after knowing the situation, the young Chilala approached them, and was ready to sacrifice his life. Siriyala had cut his son with a knife, and along with his wife, he prepared food for the Shiva devotees with their son’s flesh.

The Shiva Devotees saw the food kept at their plantain leaf, and began to call the young boy “CHILALA”, and to the surprise of the couple, the young boy had arrived from the cooked food, and worshipped the Saints and his parents. Immediately the saints were turned into Shiva-Parvati, and blessed the entire family, and after their death, the entire family went to the abode of Lord Shiva, the Kailasa.

A film with the name Bhakta Siriyala was produced in Kannada Language during the year 1980, and the film was successful and attracted large number of viewers.

Let us worship the divine person and be blessed.

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