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Shiva Temples of Vaithiri Taluk, Wayanad

It is to be highly noted that Vaithiri Taluk in the district of Wayanad in the state of Kerala, South India is blessed with ancient and medieval Lord Shiva temples that practices Vedic rules and regulations.

In the main village of Patinnaarethara are located:

Sree Maha Deva Temple, Pattavayal Sree Kiraathamoorthy Temple on Kuppaatithara road, Muntakkutti Sree (Mathayan Kottappan) Siva Temple at Kurumani via Patinnaarethara, Puththoorakeezh Sree Siva Temple on Muntakkutti road.

In the main village of Kottaththara are located Neeroorkunnu Sree Siva Temple, Maatakkunnu; at Vaalal School Jn. on Venniyot road and Kurungaaloor Sree Siva Temple at Kottathara on Venniyot road.

In the main village of Muttil are located Kuttikkunnu Sree Siva-Parvathi Temple at Thaazhe-Muttil on Kalpetta – Batheri road, Nnanummal Sree Siva (Kariyaathan) Temple at Kaakkavayal on Kolavayal – Nenmeni road and Malakkaatt Sree Maha Siva Temple at Kaakkavayal.

In the sub-town of Kalpetta are located

Sree Pannikkaruvan (Kiraathamoorthy) Temple at Pinangole on Maniyangot road, Vallippatta Sree Paamboori Karivan (Siva) Temple and Vallippatta Sree Kiraathamoorthy Temple at Puzhamuti on Pinangot road and  Kaavumandam – Kaavumkunnu Sree Siva-Parvathy (Paradevatha) Temple at Kaavumandam.

In the village of Pozhuthana are located Acchooraanam Sree Siva (Kariyaathan) Temple at Athumoola (via) Vengappalli and Acchooraanam Sree Siva (Kariyaathan) Kaav at Athumoola (via) Vengappalli.

In the town of Vaithiri are located are:

Ettilpaati Sree Neelakanteswara Temple on Chuntel Estate road and Kunnathitavaka – Sree Siva-Parvathy Temple near Pookkot lake (via) Thalippuzha Jn. on Kozhikkode road.

In the village of Meppaati are located:

Erumakkolli Sree Muneeswaran (Siva) Temple at Chembra estate, Puthoor vayal Sree Uma Maheswara Temple at Puthoor vayal on Kalpetta road (near A.R camp), Thrkkaippatta Sree Siva Temple, Sivalinga is swayambu (self-origin); three poojas are performed in a day near Muttil, Chellangot Sree Kariyaathan (Siva) Temple at Chellangot and Sree Siva Temple at Itiyamvayal.

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