Saturn Transit 2017-2020 Predictions | Shani Transit Predictions 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Saturn Transit, Shani Sankramanam, Shani Peyarchi or Shani Gocharam means the Saturn’s transition from one Rasi (zodiac sign) to the next zodiac. Usually, Shani Transition occurs once in 2.5 years.

In 2017-2020 periods, Shani transits into Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius). Shani is the Planet which spends longest time in each zodiac than any other graha in our Navagrahas.

On 26 January 2017 at 7.33 PM, Shani enters into Dhanu Rashi by stepping into Moola Nakshatra 1st quarter. Shani becomes retrograde on 6 April 2017.

The Saturn would again enters into Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio) on 20 June 2017 and remains there till 26 October 2017. Shani Vakri (Saturn retrograde) ends on 25 August 2017. Shani would again leave Vrischika Rashi on 26 October 2017 and re-transits into Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius sign).

In 2018, Shani Vakri (retrograde) is from 18 April 2018 to 6 September 2018. And in 2019, Shani Vakri is from 30 April 2019 to 18 September 2019. Then, Shani would leave Dhanussu Rashi (Sagittarius) to enter into Makara Rashi (Capricorn sign) on 24 January 2020.

During the Saturn Transit of 2017-2020, Shani will be transiting into Dhanussu Rashi from 26 January 2017 to 20 June 2017 and from 26 October 2017 to 24 January 2020.

Shani’s planetary movement in Dhanu Rashi leads Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio), Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) and Makara Rashi (Capricorn) into Shani Sade Sati Period (7½ years of Shani Gocharam – Elinati Shani – Elarai Shani). Shani Transit into Dhanu Rashi gets ‘Ashtama Shani’ for Vrishabha Rashi (Taurus) and ‘Ardhashtama Shani or Kantaka Shani’ for Kanya Rashi (Virgo) for next two and a half years.

Sade Sati for Vrischika Rashi – Effects & dates

Sade Sati for Dhanu Rashi – Effects & dates

Sade Sati for Makara Rashi – Effects & dates

Ashtama Shani for Vrishabha Rashi – Effects & dates

Ardhashtama Shani for Kanya Rashi – Effects & dates

Since Shani is a neutral planet for Guru (Jupiter), Shani Transit in Dhanu Rashi (which is owned by Guru / Brihaspati) would make neither major benefits nor huge losses. The three years of Shani’s journey in Sagittarius remains subtle than more expressive.

Saturn Transit Phases – Retrograde & Combust phases

Saturn in Jyeshta Nakshatra – September 16, 2016 to January 26, 2017

Saturn in Moola Nakshatra – January 26, 2017 to April 6, 2017 (Sagittarius sign)

Saturn Retrograde in Moola Nakshatra – April 6, 2017 (Sagittarius sign)

Saturn Retrograde in Moola Nakshatra – 27 April 2017

Shani Vakri in Jyeshta Nakshatra – 20 June 2017

Shani Vakri ends in Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio) – 25 August 2017

Shani in Moola Nakshatra 1st quarter – 26 October 2017 (Dhanu Rashi)

Shani in Moola Nakshatra 2nd quarter – 28 November 2017

Shani Asta (Shani Astamayam – Setting of Saturn) – 4 December 2017

Shani in Moola Nakshatra 3rd quarter – 26 December 2017

Shani Udayam (Rising of Saturn) – 8 January 2018

Shani in Moola Nakshatra 4th quarter – 24 January 2018

Shani in Purvashada Nakshatra 1st quarter – 2 March 2018

Shani Vakri begins in Dhanu Rashi – 18 April 2018

How Shani Transit 2017-2020 affects the natives of 12 Rashis – Effect of Saturn Transit on each Rashi

Mesha Rashi (Medam rasi – Aries):

Very Good phase. Read more for the effects of Saturn Transit on Mesha Rashi natives..

Saturn springs up many problems to the native during 9th sign transit from the natal sign. The native will suffer from diseases. He will face various problems and difficulties due to the effect of Saturn. The native losses money, indulges in sinful activities and encounters failures in his ventures. The native may lose his job. Read full predictions here..

Vrishabha Rashi (Edavam rasi – Taurus):

Very Bad phase. Read more for Saturn transition effects on Vrishbha rashi natives… (Ashtama Shani)

When Saturn transits in 8th sign, failures in ventures, disputes with relatives and friends are possible. The native will be unhealthy. He will lose money. He will be afraid of his death. Sudden accidents are possible. Read full predictions here..

Mithuna Rasi (Mithunam – Gemini):

Bad Phase. Read more for Saturn Transit effects on Midhuna rasi natives..

When Saturn transits in 7th house from the birth sign, the native will have long distance travels, mental agony, fears, and problems from the spouse. Dangers await him during travels. He will be sad always on account of one or the other reasons. Read full predictions here..

Karka Rasi (Karkataka, Kadagam, Karkadakam – Cancer):

Very Good phase. Read on for Saturn Transit results for Karkataka rasi natives…

Some benefic results may be expected from Saturn during his transit in 6th sign from the birth sign. There is scope for development in financial matters and agriculture. The native may take up house construction. He will have pleasures from women. Relatives pay visits. There will be happy atmosphere on the whole. Read full predictions here..

Simha Rasi (Chingam rasi – Leo):

Not a Bad phase. Read more for what Saturn Transit brings for Simha rasi natives

There will be failure in ventures. Mental agony and disputes with cousins, instability during the transit of Saturn in 5th sign. The native may lose his children. He may lose his property. He will inculcate intimacy with mean women. Read full predictions here..

Kanya Rasi (Kanni rasi – Virgo):

Bad Phase. Effects of Saturn transit on Kanya rasi natives.. (Ardhashtama Shani)

When Saturn transits in 4th sign from the birth sign, the native will suffer from diseases. He will have mental agony. He may be shifted from the present place to some other place. He may lose his wife or may get problems from his wife. He may lose his relatives. Several difficulties will come to the native in various forms, which will test his patience. Read full predictions here..

Thula rasi (Tula rasi – Libra):

Very Good phase. Effects of Saturn Transit on Thula rasi natives…

Saturn does some good to the native during his transit in the 3rd sign. Due to the effect of Saturn, the native will have sexual pleasure, high mental calibre, success in ventures, happy living in the native place etc. The native will have good health, job, wealth and servants. Read full predictions here..

Vrischika Rasi (Vruschigam rasi – Scorpio):

Very Bad phase.. Impact of Saturn transit on Vrischigam rasi natives… (Shani Sade Sati)

When Saturn transits in the 2nd sign, there will be always some sadness, unnecessary quarrels and failures in ventures. The native may lose his children, money. He will indulge in sinful activities and buy enmity from others. Read full predictions here..

Dhanussu Rasi (Dhanu rasi – Sagittarius):

Very Very Bad… Effect of Saturn Transition on Dhanu rashi natives… (Shani Sade Sati).

When Saturn transits in the natal sign, he brings the native bad name, wavering mind, mental agony, fears, diseases, enmity with relatives and friends and grief. Read full predictions here..

Makara Rasi (Makaram rasi – Capricorn):

Very Bad. Saturn transit effects on Makara rashi natives.. (Shani Sade Sati).

Saturn gives bad results during his transit in 12th sign. The native will get a bad name in the society. He will have mental agony. He works as a servant under somebody thereby he won’t get proper diet or rest. There will be poverty in addition to daily quarrels. There won’t be peace of mind or good health. Read full predictions here..

Kumbha Rasi (Kumbham rasi – Aquarius):

Very Good. How will be the Saturn transition for Kumbha rashi natives..

When Saturn transits in the house of gains the 11th sign, the native will reap many benefits. The native will be healthy and work oriented. He will have financial gains. Good results for the native’s children also. Read full predictions here..

Meena Rasi (Meenam – Pisces):

Good. The impact of Saturn Transit on Meena rashi natives..

When Saturn transits in the 10th sign from the natal sign, the native will suffer from many problems and difficulties. He will encounter problems in his profession. He will evince interest in sinful activities, etc. Read full predictions here..

Overview on this Saturn Transit once again

This Saturn transit is auspicious for Mesha Rashi (Aries), Karka Rashi (Cancer), Tula Rashi (Libra) and Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius) natives (Excellent Phase).

Not Bad and Good Results for – Simha Rashi (Leo) and Meena Rashi (Pisces) natives.

Bad Results for – Mithuna Rashi (Gemini) and Kanya Rashi (Virgo) natives.

Very Bad Results for – Vrishabha Rashi (Taurus), Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio) and Makara Rashi (Capricorn) natives.

Very Very Bad Results for – Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius)

Saturn Transit as Saturn’s leg or Pada

Saturn Transit with Swarna pada (Golden paya) for: Dhanu Rashi, Karkataka Rashi and Kumbha Rashi natives.

Saturn Transit with Rajatha pada (Silver leg / Silver Paya) for: Vrischika Rashi, Simha Rashi and Mesha Rashi

Saturn Transit with Thamra pada (Copper leg) for: Tula Rashi, Mithuna Rashi and Meena Rashi natives.

Saturn Transit with Iron pada (Iron leg / Lohe ki paya) for: Kanya Rashi, Vrishabha Rashi and Makara Rashi natives.

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