Sarva Bhoopala Vahana Seva (4th day of Tirumala Brahmotsavam)

On the fourth day of the Srivari Salakatla Brahmotsavam Lord Venkateswara in the avatar of Malayalappaswamy presents himself as the king of kings to his devotees who throng Tirumala on the Sarva bhupala Vahanam.

Sarva bhupala meaning the God in charge of the earth, water and air become the pall bearers of his vehicle. Along with the Sarva Bhupalas, the Dikpala’s of East-West and South-North etc. also join in the entourage of Lord Venkateswara in the procession on the holy Mada streets.

“The objective is to display that all the Dikpalas of the universe were not just under the control of Lord Venkateswara but also that there was no chance for misuse of office by them under his diligent vigilance and directions ” says Dr.A.V.Ramana Deekshitulu, chief priest of Tirumala Temple.

They are listed in the legends of Tirumala as– Indra (East), Agni (south-east), Yama (god of death on the South), Niruti (North – East), Varuna on (West), Vayu (south-west) and Kubera (god of wealth on North) and Parameswara on (North-west). They are termed as Asta Dikpala’s who all are all in the service of Lord Venkateswara and work under his command.

The message that comes out of this event of Sarva Bhupala Vahanam- is to indicate that Lord Venkateswara controlled the entire universe, the Dikpala’ and also Sarva Bhupala were managed by him to ensure that the people benefited and prospered with timely rains and course of the activities by all the elements that encompassed the universe.

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