Sarama Devashuni

Sarama Devashuni is considered as the Mother of the Dogs, cows and all other animals, and she is the attendant and friend of Lord Indra. She is mentioned in Rig Veda (10.108) and in other holy texts of Hinduism. She has contributed some portions of Rig Veda, which is still useful for the Vedic scholars. Her son’s name is Sarameya and he is also mentioned in Rig Veda.

Once, Ma Sarama had restored the stolen cows as per the instructions of Lord Indra. Ma Sarama is the dutiful wife of Sage Kashyapa and she is the mother of animals, and she is considered as an aspect of Ma Durga Devi.

Her two pious sons are serving as humble servants under Lord Yama, who wilfully discharges the duties given by their divine master Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja. As per holy texts, it is mentioned that MaSaramahad got great powers after meditating on Lord Brahma.

Sarama is a holy spiritual mother who protects the pregnant mothers, and would stay in the womb of them, and would protect their child.

Saramais having the full right to drink the divine nectar from the heaven.

Sarama would take different forms and would appear in front of the pious and kind hearted people, and would bless them. She showed her kindness with the holy demon king Prahalada, and acted as an affectionate mother to him, similar to his own mother Kayadu.

It is suggested for the people to worship Ma Sarama in order to get the grace of the holy divine cow Kamadhenu. It is believed that Sarama still resides in the Indra Loka, and showers her grace on her sincere devotees. She also helps her ardent devotees to reach the Indra Loka, after their death, and makes them to enjoy all sorts of comforts in their lives.

Ma Sarama is praised in the Rig Veda as follows:

Oh! My holy mother, you are the goddess of wealth and fortune, and you permanently dwell in the Indra Loka, along with your foster father Lord Indra. Please shower your grace, and help us to reach your place after our death.

Let us worship the holy mother Ma Sarama Devashuni and be blessed.


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