Sacrifice: A Trait of noble life

Man’s existence should be guided by certain principles, Each one of us must have an aim in life which ought to be fulfilled. Invariably, people on their onward journey regret (when they leave this world) that they had not achieved anything and that they traveled all along without a purpose. Whether successful or not,(during their stay here), they ought to have conducted themselves with others in utter humility.

Sacred texts plead with people to treat those in a lower strata, with kindness and not to injure their sentiments. Spiritual knowledge acquired should reveal to them not to commit the mistake of identifying the body with the sacrifice they had done. while some had adopted even deceitful methods to gain power.

Sri Kripanandavariar in a discourse cited the story of Karna who donated all that he had in response to demands for donation. A king on his rounds saw a creeper on the roadside seeking a support to grow and he left his chariot to enable it to climb on it, walking back ti his castle. But the episode of another ruler Kumanan was different  when his brother wanted to become the king, he handed over the reins of administration to him without any hesitation. Generous as he was while occupying the throne, even when he was residing in a forest all alone without power, he obtained the rare gem that a cobra possessed and gave it to a poor poet who wanted help. The latter informed the ruler about his brother’s rare gesture.

Growing jealous of kumanan’s popularity, the ruler announced the gift of a kingdom for one who obtained his head. Even for this, kumanan afraid and when his severed head was presented before him, the younger brother felt ashamed and regretted his own avarice and for the injustice meted out to the elder brother.

On the other hand, contrary to this inhuman behaviour, the Ramayyana highlights how Bharata refused to accpect the kingdom that was thrust on him because he felt that it legitimately belonged to his brother Rama. He never expected his mother to have been so unkind as to deprive Rama of His emperor-ship  Till Rama’s returned from exile, he administered the country only as the former’s regent. Power did not corrupt him as in the case of Kumanan’s brother.

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    story about hindu kings sacrifice and poor mans treat to brahmine