Ravana Temple in Indore – Ravan Mandir construction to start off this Navratri in Indore

Ravan or Ravanasura - 10-headed demon Villain of Ramayana

Lord Sri Rama, the favorite God of Hindus, is installed in millions of temples across the world. But have you ever heard of Ravana temple, that too in India… Yes its true.. Indore-based Mitra Mandal, Jai Lankesh Mitra Mandal, to start off the construction of Ravana temple in the city during Navratri 2010. The Mitra Mandal has decided to perform Bhumi Pujan on October 10th 2010.

As per the news updates, there are huge number of followers of Ravana, the 10-headed demon, in Indore city, Madhya Pradesh. They had been worshipping Ravan for more than 40 years on Dussehra. The mandal has also decided to bring awareness in people against burning effigies of Ravana on Dussehra day.

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