Rameshwar Mandir, Revdanda, Maharashtra

Rameshwar Mandir is located in Revdanda of Maharashtra, western India. It is to be highly noted that it is a very ancient temple that is largely dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is to be remembered that in the state of Maharastra, the Chaul region is known among the pilgrims and devotees for its temples.

According to the latest report from the state tourism department, there are approximately 365 temples in Chaul region; interestingly this figure is equal to the number of days in a year. Therefore if a devotee and pilgrim wished to visit a temple a day in this region then the person has one day for each temples of this region with great devotion and dedication.

Rameshwar Mandir’s date of construction is not known by the historians and local legends. On the other hand, this temple was reconstructed and renovated many times during different periods of history. There is a large pond that is locally known as Pokharan in the language of Marathi in the front of this temple.

The other tanks of this temple is known as parjanya kund, agni kund, and wayu kund, that largely representing three elements of nature namely Rain , fire, and air.

Shivarathri is celebrated in grand manner in this temple with the active participation of devotees and pilgrims. On festive days and religious auspicious days, the temple remains open throughout the day for devotees and pilgrims. It is the most sought after temple in this district and western India and particularly in the state.

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