Ramanuja Sancharam in all Divya Desam Temples by TTD

Ramanuja Sancharam in all Divya Desam Temples by TTD in 2016..

All the concerned departments should gear up to dedicate a befitting tribute to the great Sri Vaishanava Saint Ramanujacharya who pioneered the puja kainkaryams in Tirumala temple by organsing the year long sahasrabdi celebrations of the great Sri vaishnava acharya Sri Ramanujachaya which will be observed from May 10 to May 1 next in a big way, said, Tirupati Jeo Sri P Bhaskar.

Reviewing with the officials in his chambers in Tirupati Administrative Building, on wednesday evening he said, the Ratha Yatra in the name of “Ramanuja Sanchara” is going to be the highlight of the even as the ratham will be proceeding through all the 106 Sri Vaishanava Divya Desams which are located across the country. “Along with the statues of Lord Venkateswara and Consorts, a statue of Ramanujacharya is also be taken in a procession to all the Divya Desams. Apart from this Srinivasa Kalyanam of the deities will be performed at one Divya Desam in the notified 30 clusters(where three to four divya desams fall as per their proximity). So the boarding and lodging of the deputation employees should also be taken care of by the concerned”, he added.

He instructed the officials concerned to come out with printing of new books and reprinting of books on the life history and other interesting episodes in the 120 years long span of the great saint who lived between 1017 AD to 1137AD within the time frame as only two weeks to go for the inaugural function of the event which is scheduled for May 10.

All projects special officer Sri Muktheswara Rao, Transport GM Sri Sesha Reddy, PRO Dr T Ravi, DyEO All Projects Smt sharada and other officers were also present.

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