Rahu in 5th House | Rahu in Santana Sthana

Rahu in 5th House, Rahu in Santana Sthana – Effects of Rahu in 5th House… Positive effects & negative effects..

When Rahu is in 5th house it will become mischievous and damages children. He will become a coward on a day of happiness. He creates conditions for childlessness for himself.

When Saturn’s malefic the 1st wife will see no offspring.

The 1st son is born at 21 and the 2nd one at 42. The birth of 2nd son kills the father-in-law’s and grandfather. When Moon along with Sun is in House No. 1, Rahu will become benefic.

Positive effects of Rahu in 5th house

Rahu is highly auspicious for religion, respect, honour wisdom, wealth, intelligence and good health. Rahu will give strength because of which royal favours will increase. If the mother is alive he will be blessed with children and wealth.

When Moon is in House No. 5 or Sun is in House No. 1, 5, 11 Rahu will help Moon and Sun. The native will be religious with high intuition powers.

When Sun, Moon, Mars are in House No. 4, 6 or Saturn, Mars is in House No. 5 the native will be blessed with the number of children under long life. He will also be very lucky.

Negative effects of Rahu in 5th house

The native will suffer from ill health and expenses for medical care. The male offspring will be delayed and children may die during conception or after birth. The health of children will be poor till the age of 12. There will be conflict between grandfather and child.

If the malefic effect of Rahu in House No. 5 does not fall on the offspring of the native, it may fall on his grandsons. When Rahu’s malefic, Saturn also will become malefic and the native will be childless.

The 1st marriage will not yield a male child and as a remedy remarrying the same wife will take off the poison of Rahu.

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