Quotes on Leadership in Organisations by Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living

A leader has to walk the talk. Be sensible, sensitive and compassionate. We need three things in life, Passion, Dispassion and Compassion.

You can’t have only passion, then you feel very stressed out. You need to have dispassion, you need to know how to let go. If you keep holding onto things when they are out of your hands anyways, you will only be more stressed. And a stressful person is a burden for himself, for the society and for everybody. A stressful person becomes harmful and toxic.

In any institution you should identify those who are stressed. The ones stressed are soon going to become toxic. So, see to it that the person changes his whole attitude and feels better about himself.
When people are relieved of stress, then you see a wave of change that arises.

It is not an easy task. If someone is not willing to let go of his or her stress, you cannot make them let go of it. So, it is an uphill task and you have to do that.

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