Sage Purusundi’s Golden Quotes

Purusundi was an ancient sage who lived during the Treta Yuga. His birth name was Vipradhan and he was a hunter, before attaining the status of the divine sage.

Hunter Vipradhan was used to hunt the animals and through that he had earned for his livelihood. Once, there occurred a severe drought in his place, he suffered from poverty, and hence started doing robbery. Once he tried to take the belongings of a great rishi Sree Mukkala Munivar, and due to his kind approach and through his advice, he stopped doing sinful acts, and he had started doing severe penance on Lord Vinayaka.

After several years, Lord Vinayaka appeared in front of him and granted him a wish fulfilling tree and also blessed him. Due to the blessing of Lord Vinayaka, Sage Purusundi’s appearance had been changed to that of Lord Vinayaka. Once a newly married couple laughed at him and commented his appearance, and he immediately cursed them to become a tree. And as per their request, he felt pity on them, and granted them the boon of becoming holy trees, and also Lord Vinayaka will dwell between the trees, and people will worship the holy trees, while worshipping Lord Vinayaka.

Lord Indra was attracted by the divine tree, and approached sage purusundi and asked for the divine wish fulfilling tree, KALPAKAVRIKSHA in order to take it to the swarga loka. And immediately, Purusundi gave him the divine tree and continued his penance on Lord Vinayaka.

Seeing his noble act, Lord Vinayaka had granted him mukti.


1. Keep the image of Lord Vinayaka, the great Gananatha on your soul, and never forget him in your life.

2. By worshipping Lord Vinayaka, even a worst man would turn into a noble man, and I act as the best example for that.

3. Even the gods and goddesses like Shiva, Shakti and Vishnu are worshipping my beloved god Vinakaya, since he is considered as the first and the foremost god in the entire universe.

4. I don’t want to drink even the divine nectar Amirtha, since even Amirtha cannot be drink much, but I can taste the divinity of my Lord Vinayaka more and more and it would never be boredom for me.

5. The parents must cultivate the habit of worshipping Lord Vinayaka to their children at their young age onwards.

6. Everyone would like and love the strange appearance of Lord Vinayaka, since he looks very beautiful in that appearance.

7. I can hear the praises of the sages, saints and the people in the earth on Lord Vinayaka, and even the divine gods and goddesses are able to successfully discharge their duties by regularly worshipping Lord Vinayaka.

8. Lord Vinayaka is the obstacle remover. Hence it is duty of everyone in the earth and in the heaven to worship Lord Vinayaka, and to perform puja to him.

9. Lord Vinayaka is the one who is present even before the creation of the universe, and he would be a permanent immortal who would be available even during the times of deluge.

10. Among all other Mantras, Lord Vinayaka Mantra is the best Mantra, “OM SRI VINAYAKAYA NAMAHA”.

11. Lord Vinayaka is a simple god, and he is waiting for the call of everyone. He accepts only the true bhakti and those who keep utmost faith on him, would be well-protected by the gentle god Vinayaka.

12. Those who praise Vinayaka would live a wealthy life, similar to a king, and those who curse Vinayaka, would live a worst life, similar to a beggar.

13. Believe that Lord Vinayaka is there to remove your tears, and he would console you during the times of your difficulties.

14. Consider Lord Vinayaka as your friend, philosopher, guide, god, and as your own father and mother.

15. Even your father and mother and your relatives may become your enemies, but Lord Vinayaka would always act as your best friend forever in your life.


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