The Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of Life?

When you feel that everything is going to stay here, but I am going to die one day, and everything appears meaningless, what you do appears to be meaningless, at this time I would like you to read Yoga Vasistha.

You can play the Yoga Vasistha CDs and listen to it, or take the book and read it. You will understand the nature of consciousness; who you are, what you are.

This feeling that everything is meaningless, there is no point, why are we here, why this universe; these questions indicate a very mature intellect. This is the right time to go deep into knowledge.
Vedic wisdom will also help you.

It is very fortunate; you should feel very happy that you got this question. Many people don’t feel this for a very long time. So when you feel it, you should think, ‘Oh I am so fortunate!’

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