Moon in 9th House, Chandra in Bhagya Sthana

Moon in 9th House, Chandra in Bhagya Sthana, Moon in 9th House of horoscope..

Moon in 9th house will be 9 times benefic for progeny and wealth. The religious nature of the person will reduce the effect of enemies.

Enemy planets Rahu Ketu Saturn, Mercury in House No. 3 are under control. A male planet in House No. 4 will give excellent health.

When the moon is alive it becomes 9 times effective and gives plenty of wealth.

Friendly planets in House No. 5 is benefic for progeny and religious activities.

Ninth House in Horoscope

This is the house of dharma and good actions, wisdom, religion and spirituality. It is also known as the house of good luck.

The hips, thighs are indicated by this house. Read more about the Ninth House.


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