Moon in 3rd house (Parakrama Bhava)

When Moon is in 3rd house he will have lots of wealth if he cares for his brothers and sisters. If House No. 9, 11 or blank there will be no adverse effect of Moon and both Venus and Mars will give benefic effects of their own.

If Sun is in 1st house and Saturn is in 11th house and Mercury is in 5th house and Jupiter in 9th house these planets together form a royal combination. Even if Moon is weak it will defeat enemies.

He should donate items of Moon for progeny at the time of birth of sister or daughter. He should donate items of Sun at the time of birth of male child. At the time of losses to in-laws, scandals, rumours or theft he should donate items like jaggery. He will be respected and enjoyed a long life.

Even if is born in a poor family Moon in the 3rd house will alleviate the native to fantastic heights.

What is 3rd House?

The third house is known as the house of courage. It is related to the relatives of the native like sister, grandfather’s brother, mother’s brother, mother, father and brother. Here, the information on what are the positive effects (effects if planets are benefic) and negative effects (effects if planets are malefic) is given.

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