Mantralaya Anugraha Moorthy

raghavendra swamy

raghavendra swamy

Guru Raghavendra Swamy is also called as “Mantralaya Anugraha Moorthy”, since he showers his blessings like the heavy rainfall. Thursdays are considered as auspicious days for Guru Raghavendra, and we can find lot of devotees in the Raghavendra shrines during Thursdays. As per a famous Kannada Saying, “Guruvaram engalukku Subhavaram”, which means, we consider Thursday as the most auspicious day.

Though the great Guru is doing lot of favourable activities in the lives of his devotees, yet, we cannot expect him for fulfilling our small, small needs, which we ourselves can do it on our own, only with his grace! I have heard some of the devotees who expressed their gratitude on Guru Raghavendra, and about the wonderful miracles performed on their lives.While I was working in a Private Company as a Branch Accountant during the year 2005, one of my colleagues had expressed about his opinion on Guru Raghavendra. He said that the great Guru had stopped him from committing a very big sinful act, and he has changed his entire life completely. He has been visiting the Ayanavaram Raghavendra Swamy Mutt since 2005, and still now he is visiting the holy Mutt during Thursdays!

Most of the Raghavendra devotees would think, why the great Guru is not changing the fate of his devotees, even he is capable of doing so?

Guru Raghavendra has himself had given reply about this during the time of entering into the Mantralayam Brindavana. He has stated, “Oh! My Dear devotees! Let Lord Hari bless you always in your life! Give respect to your elders and try to lead a pious life. I will speak with you even after I enter into the Brindavana, since I would be actively performing my duties from my Brindavana itself. I promise you that, I will remove the troubles and turmoil in your life, but, at the same time, I cannot entirely change your fate, since I am not supposed to do it, but, however I will reduce the burden in your life, as much as possible as I can”.

As per his promise, still now he blesses all of his devotees from his Samadhi shrine at Mantralayam. In fact, the divine guru performs meditation on the almighty only for our sake, and not for his own well-being. He is a selfless and a great universal guru, who can be approached by anyone, irrespective of their caste, creed, community, gender and religion.

Guru Raghavendra Swamy is also called as “VIDHWAN”, a great scholar, “MA SARASWATI KADAKSHA MOORTHY”, the one who has got the entire grace of Ma Saraswati, “KASHAYA VASTRA PRIYA”, the one who likes to wear the holy saffron dhoti, “MANTRALAYA MAHA PRABHU”, the great saint of Mantralayam.


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