Malayappa Swamy on Peddasesha Vahanam

Malayappa Swamy on Peddasesha Vahanam on 16 September 2015… The Lord of Lords takes pleasure ride on the mighty seven-hooded Serpent on the first day of Brahmotsavams on the tastefully decorated Peddasesha Vahanam.

The mighty serpent plays a vital role in Hindu Mythology as it is on this mammoth snake that Lord Vishnu reclines while sleeping in the milky sea. Usually peddasesha vahanam is being regarded as Adisesha the 1000-hooded snake. (Here in thisvahanam this snake has seven hoods and is believed to represent the seven hills of lord venkateswara). He is the first born of the serpents.

The Adisesha dons different accessories for Lord Venkateswara as residing place (seven hills), bed, umbrella (giving shelter with his hoods), as ornament and any more.

According to legend, mused by his service Lord has conferred another honor upon him to bear the earth upon his head and support her great weight with stability.

The grand procession of Lord Venkateswara on the first day of Brahmotsavam is therefore commenced with Peddasesha Vahanam. Lord Venkateswara has given darshan to his devotees on this seven hooded mighty serpent king.

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