Magha Nakshatra 2023-2024 Predictions | Magam Nakshatram

Magha Nakshatra Monthly Predictions September 2023

You will get warnings from your immediate bosses or other higher officials. Fear of weapons and fire. Some works may not give you fruitful results this month. Depressions rules this month for you. Finance wise, its not a good period. You may feel the dearth of money this month.

Travel towards South and South west side is on cards. You will feel pressure and tension during journeys. Unnecessary enmity towards some people will cost you more. Feel confident while speaking to officials and other professional people.


1. Worship Lord Shiva. Perform Shivalinga Abhishekam. 2. Chant Kuja Stuti (Mangal Stotram) and Durga Stotram.

Magha Nakshatra Monthly Predictions October 2023

Anger and depression will rule this month. You want to make everything in a hurry. That will give very bad result. Take care and be distant from bad habits. Fear of thieves may ruin your traveling experiences.

Be cautious about heart diseases, Tuberculosis and Asthma. If you have suffered from these diseases in the past, its time for you to take extra care. Loss of wealth is on cards. Take precautionary steps for business expansion and career establishment.


1. Visit Navagraha Temple and offer special puja to Rahu. Chant Rahu Stuti. 2. Visit Durga Temple and offer special puja to Devi. 3. Rahukaala Durga Puja on Tuesday will give you expected results.

Magha Nakshatra Monthly Predictions November 2023

Financially, its a sound month. Your mind power and wisdom may take you a better way. You will wear white and neat clothes. Your fairness and charm enthralls many people around you. Your confidence in handling different issues will amaze them.

You will meet new people. Relations with women will improve. New experiences and physical relationships with women are on cards. Constant growth in career and business.


To better your position and performance this month, visit Sri Lakshmi Temple and worship the Goddess. Chant Lakshmi stotrams.

Magha Nakshatra Monthly Predictions December 2023

Financial gains are on cards for you this month. Your mind power and wisdom may take you a better way. Health, wealth and prosperity will prevail for you this month. You will wear good clothes and ornaments. You will buy some new clothes and ornaments for your family members.

Journey towards west is on cards. Courage and confidence of your’s will outperform others. In terms of business and career, constant growth is on cards. There will be no complaint from your boss or customers.


To better your performance this month, visit Shiva Temples and perform Rudrabhishekam or Shivalinga Abhishekam.

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  1. Uma says:

    My dob is 13/12/1984.time 5.10 I don’t know correct time. I lost everything please give me a reply

  2. srikanth kothuru says:

    my date of birth is 22 july 1974 about 8 30 am

  3. Madhusudhana Rao.N says:

    Makha star dob 8-2-1974
    Iam working electricity department
    Which time my job will regular.
    Regularisation epudu sir
    Iam working in this department since 12 years

  4. Sumathi Vinod says:

    My date of birth 16 may 1978 birth time 09.00 am

  5. Mala says:

    DOB: 30/3/1969, Time: 2.30 pm

  6. Kalaivanan says:

    I m born 8121971…please tell how will my future will be in 2017…SIMHA RASI MAGHA NACATHIRAM

    • Atreyee ( daughter’s name) says:

      My daughter’s d.o.b is 15.09.1982. She is going through a very bad period in her life. Will she able to recover from this and find happiness in her life?

  7. Indulakshmi says:

    Hi Pandit Ji, I would like to know what is my career and finance aspects would be in 2017 & 2018. I was born on 1st April 1977 about 4:54pm

  8. Ranjith says:

    Hi .. I m born on 24 Aug 87.. Opportunities are being snatched by others in work and getting irritated in work too. How to be happy in work

  9. Venkat says:

    I Have born in 22-02-1978 . PLease give prediction for 2017.

  10. Ravi says:

    My son was born on 17.03.1992′ at 12 noon at hyderabad India. Now he is in usa When he will get job and settle.

  11. Jayakumar n says:

    I am not succeeded in my career. Also very confused in my date of birth .10.03 .1971. 5 .26 pm.Ernakulam.

  12. prashantha ks says:

    Hai i am. Prashantha ks 16/08/1985 time 7.00 pm in the evening, I want to know 2018 prediction and as well as my marriage. Right now I am searching girl for marriage,

  13. Suja says:

    I have born in 24/2/1986, time 12.15pm, when my marriage has done,and i love a person. His dob is 9/5/1979, 12.30am. I want to marry him, is it possible.


    Myself RAJAN Marathi Brahman. DOB 10/11/1958 , 4.24 pm Mumbai. I have lots every thing. Staying in rented home. Since 1980 Self-employed in Engineering. No work no money in hand. Can you please advise….

  15. sreepriya says:

    My DOB is 26/03/1983.Continually suffering from husband.Could continue the relation?

  16. kavitha sri says:

    Pandit ji, I am trying for my desired job since ages., i almost got it in February 2018 but was rejected at HR because of tiny reason. I want to know if i get a good job now as i am some what unemployed and bankrupt
    please guide

  17. Mittal says:

    hi,i hv born in Magha nakshtra. I am a marred woman. one astrologist has told me that married girl who borm in magha nakshatra should not visit her birth place? is it true? I don’t think… kindly let me know the truth.

  18. Nichu says:

    Pandit Ji,

    I, myself put me in a trouble and I am suffering with that since Sep 2017. I lost all my peace of mind. Is there any good things will going to happen in my life?
    My DOB is 29 June 1979.

  19. Shailaja says:

    My dob-20-03-1989,3:15a.m . Simha rasi magha nakshtram. Still I am single. Plz tell
    me when i will get marriage & how my marriage life will be..??

  20. Shrijayi Mandal says:

    Guruji pranam 🙏my daughter is 26 th July 1998 born , Sunday , 8.59 am . She is doing computer eng final semester . How will be her project work of final year and her career in West ? Is there any opportunity for her settling abroad ? How to free her from kalsharpa dosha ?

  21. M Manjulatha says:

    Really great. My DOB is 08 /11/1974.6.15a.m.suggest pariharam for my career.

  22. kanaka gangadhar says:

    Guruji my DOB is 09101977,Place of birth vijayawada and time Between 1900to 20:00 hrs night,sunday makha nakshatram, simharasi please help me iam in a big disturbance

  23. Nagaraj says:

    Dob of my son is 10/11/1990
    When will he get married
    Star is makha

  24. Arya says:

    My DOB is 24/1/1989 and time is 8.15am belongs to makam star. I want to know the marriage time.please replay

  25. Krithika R says:

    Can I proceed further studies to foreign countries. My D.O.B 8th Nov 1993. I have passed BTech. Please advice in which country I have to go for further studies and whether it will give good future

  26. Roshni M says:

    My daughter’s DOB is 16th june 2002 born on Sunday at 1.55 pm. She is writing her 2nd PUC exams from March .Will she get very good percentage in board exams and ranking in CET

  27. Ammanni says:

    my daughters date of birth is 24/06/1993 at 10.45pm with Magha……when will be her marriage time?

  28. Bindu says:

    My birth time is 3.3.1988.i have no job..plss can u tell i will get any job

  29. Kavitha Sri says:

    My dob is 12-7-1975; born in calicut, kerala: Lot of financial crisis, despite having a job no timely earnings because of which suffering financial crisis, want to know when will this get to normal

  30. Manoj Sh says:

    Please update 2023 monthly predictions

  31. Meenu james says:

    My DOB is 05.06.1995 and now one year passed after marriage when I can have a baby