Lunar Eclipse on 26 June 2010 Time in USA – Timings of Chandra Grahan in United States of America

This article gives you the time or timings of Lunar Eclipse June 2010 or Chandra Grahan of June 26, 2010. There is a partial Lunar eclipse or Pakshik Chandra Grahan visible before dawn on June 26, 2010. This eclipse will be visible for those who are living in the West United States, Canada and South America. The Pacific states are the best place to view lunar eclipse before sunrise on Saturday in United States of America.

On June 26th 2010, the lunar eclipse begins at 10:17 Universal Time and ends at 11:38 Universal Time. The beginning of Chandra Grahan time corresponds to 5:17 am Central Time, 4:17 am Mountain Time or 3:17 am Pacific Time and the ending of Chandra Grahan corresponds to 6:38 am Central Time, 5:38 am Mountain Time or 4:38 am Pacific Time. You can calculate your city’s time with the above given standard Time. Here you can read the astrology predictions of the Chandra Grahan June 2010.

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