Why does the love cease to exist after marriage?

why does the love cease to exist after marriage? when there is love between two people, they decide to get married. Then why does the love cease to exist after marriage?

See, I cannot say this in this matter. I have no experience in this! (Laughter). Neither do I have any experience of marriage, nor have I ever felt that love has ceased to exist!

See, when we love a person with an intention to gain something from him or her, and then such kind of love is definitely going to get finished. But instead if there is a deep feeling to give and to do something for the other one, then such a love will never come to an end. If all you think about is ‘What will I get from this person?’, then you are always in a race or struggle to get something from them in the name of love. Such a love will surely come to an end someday or the other.

But if you are the one who gives, and thinks about how to give comfort to other one, then such a love endures over time. If you think, ‘How can I keep my husband or wife happy?’ then that love can stay. Also, this thought should come from both the partners. Only then will the love never end between the two. Both of them should have the same goal in life.

When the two lines go in opposite directions to each other, they will cross (meaning that there will be conflict or struggle to maintain love). But when they move together and stay focused on each other, and move towards a common goal, then the love will go on forever. Got it?

This is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourses as a part of his Satsang at Art of Living.

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