Lord Venkateswara, Family Deity of Tribal People in Tirumala

Venkateshwara Swamy Face Close up

Venkateshwara Swamy Face Close up

Lord Venkateswara, Family Deity of Tribal People in Tirumala…. Lord Venkateswara, the god of seven hills was once worshipped as a family deity by the Tribal people who lived in the Holy Tirumala Hills. The incarnation of the Venkateswara Avatar takes place during the start of the Kali Yuga, and the main purpose of this avatar is to get married with Ma Padmavati and also to shower his pleasant blessings towards his devotees.

Lord Sri Venkateswara also acts like a guardian deity, and as per ancient legend, while some of the devotees of Lord Venkateswara, who were believed to be the tribal people, and while they were climbing on the top of the Tirumala Hills, during early morning time, they have witnessed a tall, good looking person with a shining face, who was riding in a white horse, and he was wandering on the sacred Tirumala Hills, and when the devotees tried to have glimpse of him by running faster behind him, suddenly the divine person was disappeared from their eyes! This incident was happened before few hundred years ago, and it is still believed, that even now, the great Lord Venkateswara safeguards his devotees, in the holy Tirumala, by taking an invisible form.

Since Lord Venkateswara is supposed to do the duty of protecting the entire earth, there is no surprise in safeguarding his devotees. With regard to protecting his devotees, he acts like Lord Muneeswara, Lord Ayyanar, and Lord Sudalaimadan, who are considered to be the divine aspects of Lord Shiva. In the Sri Venkateswara Mahatmyam, it was mentioned that the Lord of seven hills safeguards his devotees for 24 hours in a day, and for all the 365 days in a year. He also appears in the dream to some of his devotees in the form of Lord Narasimha, who is also considered to be a protection deity, since he has once relieved the sufferings of his staunch devotee, the great Prahalada.

After Lord Venkateswara has become a worshipful deity in the Tirumala Temple, tribal people in large numbers were settled down in the sacred Hills, in order to have a glimpse of Lord Venkateswara in his temple. These tribal people were able to live in those huge hills due to their staunch devotion and faith on Lord Venkateswara. Their occupation was gathering the honey from the plants, planted various food crops on the sacred seven hills and they have also maintained cattle farm and gave sufficient quantity of milk to the temple for the purpose of performing holy bath to the divine idol of Lord Venkateswara. Some of those devotees were even used to sing mesmerising songs on Lord Venkateswara, and some of those songs are as follows:-

Oh! The great Lord of seven hills! Your Lotus like hands always blesses your devotees, and you are very benevolent towards your devotees. Your lips deliver the great divine smile. Your cheeks appear reddish. Your beauty is increasing day by day, and you are showing your love on your devotees through your wonderful appearance.

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, Your body appears in golden colour, and your eyes looks like the fresh lotus flowers. You contain a stunning beauty, your face is applied with various scented perfumes and it creates a good smell, you are the perfect match of your consort Ma Padmavati, and we cannot find such a wonderful deity from anywhere in the universe.

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, the ornaments which was worn by you, are considered to be very auspicious, the flower garlands which was worn by you, become the Divine Parijatha flowers, the milk which was used for your holy bath turned into the Divine Amirtha, the Holy Prasad offered to you are to be considered as the best item in the entire world, the golden crown which was worn by you on your head, is to be treated as the best crown in the entire world!

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, even the creator god Brahma, Lord Shiva and other deities are not equivalent before your wonderful beauty, your powers are unlimited and you contain a sweet nature.

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, please forgive the sins of those people who would have committed various sins even without their knowledge. Please show mercy on everybody, including me!

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, you are the fulfiller of your Devotees desires and you have been worshipped even by the supreme gods such as Lord Shiva, Indra and Brahma. Your lovely consort Ma Padmavati had once playfully pelted stones on you, due to your mischievous acts which closely resembles to that of Lord Krishna.

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, you are the holy Gopala who have mesmerised the entire universe through your divine flute music and you are the one who have stolen butter from your neighbourhood, you are the holy Rama, who has killed the evil demons like Ravana, you are the Vamana, who has sent King Mahabali to the Sutala Loka, you are the ferocious Narasimha who has safeguarded his devotee Prahalada from his father Demon Hiranyakasipu, you are the Parasurama, who has removed the ego of the Kshatriya Kings! Due to your grace, Prahalada and Dhruva have permanently attained the divine abode, and still they are worshipping you!

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, you have taken the Venkateswara Avatar in order to fill happiness in the minds of the people in the earth, and those who chant your glories would attain all sorts of benefits in the world.

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, you have made the Tirumala Hills as your earthly abode, and those who worship you at the Tirumala Temple, are to be considered as the worshippers of Lord Vishnu in the Vaikunta itself.

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, those who ignores you, would not get your grace, those who dislike you, would lead a sorrowful life, those who criticise you, would suffer from problems, those who consider just like an ordinary deity, would not lead a comfortable life.
Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, the blessed ones are those who keeps their full attention on you, who admires your good qualities, who talks only about you, who consider you as the only god, who thinks about you even during the time of their sleep.

Oh! The great Lord of seven Hills, once if your devotees tastes your sweetness, then they would act like a bee by considering you as the divine flower. Those who involve themselves on your wonderful thoughts would never get fear on their mind. I consider you as the mighty Lord Muruga, Vinayaka, Shiva, Brahma, Indra, Shakti, Saraswati and as all other deities. Oh my dear Lord, please grant salvation to me and take me to your abode.

In course of time, after the introduction of the religions like Islamism and Christianity, the tribal people were forced to leave from that place, and they have settled down in Tirupati City.

Hence, let us make the habit of always praising Lord Venkateswara by the way of chanting his Mantras, reciting his names and singing songs on him.


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